Climate Change Action

Every day, more and more jurisdictions are declaring a Climate Emergency. As of the time we’re writing this, 598 jurisdictions in 13 countries have declared a climate emergency. The Climate Crisis is here, and like us, you may be feeling climate anxiety. When most of the world’s pollution is caused by large scale production, it’s hard to feel like individual change can solve the climate crisis. Realistically, it can’t – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up in despair. Remember – you are not alone.

All over the world, people just like you are channeling their anxiety about climate change into activism. So, here at the Story Seed Vault, we’re going to pull together and do the same. We’re compiling a list of climate change disaster-relief funds, and other climate crisis activism work that you can support.

We’ll be listing this by country, so if you know of a climate change disaster-relief fund or activist group in your local region, let us know in the comments, or contact us directly at† †