We play litter-hopscotch. Wu falls, writhes in plastic nets, splashes into the sea. But my ballerina balance shoes tiptoe across the football field-sized patch of debris. I jump over a bucket. I win.

Babies love to play with cardboard boxes and litter.  So do kids of the future. As the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” grows from its current size of three Frances , one can imagine smaller patches serving as kids’ play zones. With the rising sea-level making future humans live more aquatic lifestyles, advances in tech in textiles and shoes make us even more agile and buoyant. // Statement by the Author

//D.A. Xiaolin Spires sails the waters in her boat of cobbled-together plastic litter. Work in Clarkesworld, Analog and Fireside.//


Global sugar prices soared after the Japanese created biorobot SACCHARINE. The 22nd century was known for ending Type 2 Diabetes and riots.

Technology inspired by nature has been a fixture of recent research. MIT have created a micro-fluidic chip that mimics the motion of fuel through trees, as they constantly pull water up from their roots to the topmost leaves, then pump sugars produced by their leaves back down. //Alex Massey//