No one believed me, not till it was too late. The whole time we thought we were watching them, they were watching us and learning.

In Jervis Bay, just off the east coast of Australia, an international team of marine biologists saw something strange. Led by professor David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University, the team filmed 15 gloomy octopuses communicating, dwelling together, and even evicting each other from dens. Previously thought to be anti-social, this discovery proved that congregation of octopuses do exist. The researchers nicknamed it ‘Octlantis’. Writer C.M Johnson casts this discovery into an ocean of paranoia. Could her net have caught onto the truth? // Alex Massey

//C.M Johnson is an artist and writer. Her work often deals with anthropology and social sciences. You can find her at @selkiemade.//


Rabbis argued which side of the mechitza AIs belonged on. AIs stayed quiet, uninterested in any binary beyond 1s and 0s.

The definition of consciousness has plagued humanity for centuries. As we struggle to define what it means to be conscious, increasingly complex robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are prompting questions about ethics, rights, and associated legislation. What will happen if an AI achieves sentience? Jaz Twersky takes this concept and creates a world in which sentient AIs exist and are not only perceived as alive, but also to become members of human religions. How would Orthodox Rabbi’s interpret AIs in a gendered context?

//Jaz Twersky @WordNerdKnitter is a student, journalist, Editor-in-Chief @Triton_News, and knitter. She loves seeing Jewish & queer people in fiction.//


“I can’t afford the licence fee for my petfood’s DRM.”
“I heard homebrew stuff can turn pets into beautiful monsters.”
“Oh no,” she smiled.

This story by Alex Hardison was inspired by recent events in the 3D virtual world Second Life. Virtual rabbits across Second Life will fall asleep on Saturday then never wake up, unable to access their food. Ozimal’s DRM-protected virtual food relies on servers which have been shut down by a legal battle.

//Alexander Hardison lives in Sydney with his girlfriend, cat & too-large collection of action figures. His work can be found at alexanderhardison.wordpress.com//