What is the Vault?

The Vault began as a collection of Twitter science-fiction based on research articles by Alex Massey, published @tinystoryseeds. Inspired by the Global Seed Vaults, Alex sought to create a collection of stories, sourced from the imaginations of a diverse collection of writers. Today, the Vault has grown into an independent publisher of micro-science fiction, with writers and readers from all over the globe.​

Our Team


Alex Massey resides in Sydney with a cat, a cat lady, and a Canadian. Her work has appeared in Archer Magazine and Fifty Word Fiction. Editor of the micro-fiction publisher Story Seed Vault and creator of feminist poetry podcast Her Ink Stained Hands, they can be found staring intently at a copy of Where’s Wally or on Twitter @angry_pidgey.

Story Seed Vault Supporters

Selene Maris
Ada Quinn
Alex Sol-Watts
Magdalena Oszer

Support Us

At this stage in our growth, the Vault finds ourselves at a point where we must plan for a sustainable future. Our costs are growing – we’re paying for over 100 stories a year and with plans to publish an anthology in the works, we need to begin thinking about our income stream.

We could add a paywall or ads to the site, but frankly – I hate both those options. They disrupt the reader’s experience and don’t match our ethics of diverse and accessible fiction. We’ve decided to pursue two avenues to receive donations – Patreon & Ko-Fi:

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