Once upon a time, a story teller filled a vault with story seeds. She carefully kept them dry and free of disease, until a time when the world ran out of stories and was desperate for the return of the story teller. Only then would she open the vault, and let the world plant her seeds.

“Come. Take a story seed,” she would say. “Add imagination. Cultivate it carefully. And see what springs forth…”

Inspired by the story teller, the people of the world grew their own tales, and gave her the seeds they harvested, to distribute when the world once again ran out of stories.


Story Seed Vault (edited by Alex Massey @angry_pidgey) is a collection of Twitter micro-fiction originally published @tinystoryseeds.

The purpose of the Story Seed Vault is to collect micro-fiction and tiny stories from a diverse range of creators. Inspired by the Global Seed Vaults, Alex seeks to create a collection of stories, sourced from the imaginations of the world.

Plant a story seed. Add imagination. Cultivate it.

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